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Kamis, 12 November 2015

When A Family Member Abducts A Child

When A Family Member Abducts A Child - do you know that every day there are new gadgets that are created, every gadget has its own way to use it, in blogs Review All Gadget we are reviewing gadgets from various brands ranging from spec, price and how to use the feature, now we are discussing iformasi that you are looking for When A Family Member Abducts A Child this information we collect from many reliable sources so that complete for you. please see.

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When A Family Member Abducts A Child

What do you do when the people that are closest to you turn out to be the ones you can’t trust? A cheating spouse or an unfaithful girlfriend is difficult enough to deal with. But when your ex-partner puts your child in danger, that act is entering a whole new level of distrust and harm. That’s dealing with levels of repugnance that’s hard to forgive.

Separation, divorce and co-parenting can be filled with vindictiveness. For most of, we don’t think when we’re angry. The worst examples of hatefulness is when a parent tries to hurt their ex by using a child as a weapon.

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 How do you ever put the pieces back together? What can a parent do about it?
Recently a story surfaced about an Alabama boy who was abducted by his biological father was reunited with his mother 13 years later. An article on reports:

 “An Alabama teenager who disappeared 13 years ago was found safe in Ohio on Nov. 1, Fox 8 News in Cleveland reports. Julian Hernandez, now 18, was reported missing by his mother in Aug. 2002, after being allegedly abducted from the city of Birmingham by his non-custodial father Bobby Hernandez. Thirteen years later, when the young Hernandez was attempting to apply to college, he realized that his Social Security number did not match his name, District Attorney Brandon Falls, of Alabama’s Jefferson County, told local TV station WVTM. Hernandez and a school counselor then learned that he was on the database of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the station says.”

 Imagine that you’re THAT mother. Your world is destroyed. You never get over that feeling of loss. The grieving never ends. You’ve lost your child, but you have no answers. The years pass, but you never heal.

Smartphones, apps, social media. Today’s world of technological convenience has its drawbacks (lack of privacy, lack of human contact, loss of manners) but there’s a small upside to all this technology. It’s possible that a cell phone spy can actually help reduce crime that’s close to home, like family abduction.

 According to, family abduction is defined as “the taking, retention, or concealment of a child or children by a parent, other family member, or their agent, in derogation of the custody rights, including visitation rights, of another parent or family member.”

How can a spy software for cell phones like Auto Forward help reduce this crime? The best cell phone spy app can help aid in policing a situation immediately. A mother or father who is thinking of abduction might think twice if they knew that their cell phone was being tracked. This software works because it’s installed on a target phone. The user can then monitor a cell phone from multiple devices, at any time. And some of its powerful features include a GPS phone locator and stealth camera mode.

Imagine how a parent would feel if he or she could locate his or her child within the first twenty-four hours of the child’s disappearance. A child has a better chance of being returned unharmed. The very scary situation can be diffused. 

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