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Jumat, 05 Februari 2016

Why A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help In A Snowstorm

Why A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help In A Snowstorm - do you know that every day there are new gadgets that are created, every gadget has its own way to use it, in blogs Review All Gadget we are reviewing gadgets from various brands ranging from spec, price and how to use the feature, now we are discussing iformasi that you are looking for Why A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help In A Snowstorm this information we collect from many reliable sources so that complete for you. please see.

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Why A Cell Phone Spy App Can Help In A Snowstorm

You’re probably already aware of the powerful features that Auto Forward cell phone monitoring software offers: the ability to see social media activity (like Snapchat and Instagram posts), the instant access to photos and videos, the list of call logs (when a call is made, and what the number is), the access to email correspondence, and much more.
One of the outstanding features of Auto Forward cell phone spy is the GPS locator. The GPS locator can definitely help anyone protect a loved one during inclement weather, like a severe snowstorm.

Let’s say your teenager is driving back to college after a long holiday break. She obviously knows how to get back to school, but it’s January, and one of the biggest snowstorms of the season has hit. She has to get back before classes begin. You, as a worried parent, just want her to get back to school safely. You sit on pins and needles, just waiting for her to send you that text or give you that call that she’s back at school safely. Kids may get older, but good parents never stop worrying about their children.

If you’re this worried parent, you could easily track your daughter’s route back to school with the GPS feature on Auto Forward. Here’s a description of this amazing feature from the product website:

“Location, location, location. Do you know where your kids are? Are they away from home when they should be in bed? Is your employee napping when they should be at a job site? Our GPS feature can help. With frequent updates (every ten minutes) and precise location information, you can be assured that you know exactly where they are.”
Say this daughter runs out of gas and is stuck on the side of the road in the middle of a snowstorm. She’s too upset to pinpoint her location clearly, and calls you on the phone, asking what to do. Using the GPS locator, you can see her location and call a tow truck immediately to help her. What parent wouldn’t want this kind of peace of mind? That’s why a cell phone spy torrent is a crucial part of modern parenting.

Snowstorms definitely cause serious and sometimes fatal incidents. From snow shoveling fatalities, to snow plow related deaths, with each winter season comes hazardous conditions. Recently on the east coast, there was a hazardous snowstorm that caused 30 deaths, according to ABC News:
— Two people have died from heart attacks while shoveling snow in Maryland. A 49-year-old man suffered cardiac arrest while shoveling in Abingdon on Saturday, County Executive Barry Glassman said Sunday. Officials in Prince George's County said a man collapsed and died Saturday while shoveling snow in Fort Washington. Bob Maloney, director of Baltimore's office of emergency management, said not one life was lost due to the storm in the city.
— A 23-year-old New Jersey mom and her year-old son died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting in a running car that had its tailpipe covered in snow, The Record reported, citing Passaic police. The woman's 3-year-old daughter was also hurt and was hospitalized in "very critical condition," police said. Authorities believe they were watching other family members shovel snow and didn't realize what was happening.
— Police say a 66-year-old man was struck and killed by a snow plow while he was standing in front of his home on Long Island. Nassau County Police say the private plow was clearing snow from the man's property in Oyster Bay Cove when it happened just after 2 p.m. Sunday. The victim was identified as Al Mansoor.
— Three people died while shoveling snow in New York City, police said. The New York Police Department's Chief of Department Jim O'Neill told reporters Saturday one person on Staten Island and two people in Queens died. He released no further details on the deaths. A police spokesman said the medical examiner's office will determine exactly how they died."

Although some people associate cell phone monitoring software with spying on teens for negative reasons, there are plenty of positives. Being able to track your tween or teen from location to location is definitely a modern way to help a worried parent or guardian.

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