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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

I'm a granny again...

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I'm a granny again...

This is what my bedroom floor looks like at this time.

I'm at it again.

Because I am an afghan making addict. /2010/11/in-case-you-ever-wondered.html"> I am a granny square hoarder. Yes, I have a problem. But the first step in getting better is admitting there is something wrong...addiction is the only disease people don't admit to having...all of that stuff.

Actually, I like making stuff and granny wee squares are no exception.

And look! THEY ARE IN /2010/11/my-secret.html">RAINBOW ORDER! Every single one of them. Totally RoyGBiv. We all know how /2011/08/oh-hey-i-have-free-time.html"> I love that. Seriously people, what is not to love.

Now comes the fun part of sewing them together and making all the little bits of yarn tails disappear. I am determined to finish before school starts up again in...oh...12 days. (Wow. What an ugly number.)

In other news, check out the other afghans. /2010/12/ive-been-told-i-have-pride-issues-but.html">THIS one I made.

This one (on my sisters bed) I bought at Goodwill last week for only $2. I kind of love it.

Yup. Definitely an addiction in the making. I'm sorry, I just love colors, yarns, and cozy blankets. Fall is coming. I will be ready!

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