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Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

12 iPhone / iPad tips for better use

12 iPhone / iPad tips for better use - do you know that every day there are new gadgets that are created, every gadget has its own way to use it, in blogs Review All Gadget we are reviewing gadgets from various brands ranging from spec, price and how to use the feature, now we are discussing iformasi that you are looking for 12 iPhone / iPad tips for better use this information we collect from many reliable sources so that complete for you. please see.

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12 iPhone / iPad tips for better use

best ios iphone ipad tips tricks

1/ To disable SIM 's PIN code from your iPhone:

 From the main screen, go to Settings > Phone > PIN and turn it off

2/ Download free ringtones for your iPhone:

Audiko: Where you can upload your own music, and the site will immediately turns it into a ringtone (available for Android & iOs). Thousands of top free ring tones.

3/ Set a picture as a wallpaper in your iPhone the background:

 - Go to: Settings > Wallpaper > click on the image of both your iPhone locked and unlocked screen versions. Browse the directory of default wallpapers or choose the directory of your iPhone photos, libraries or other you create.
 - After you select a photo, click it. A new page appears with your wallpaper image. Use the technique that pinch two fingers to enlarge or shrunk. Move with one finger to get the desired rendering.
 - Now click '' set '' and select which screen you want to set on.

4/ Multitasking: (This feature allows multiple applications to work simultaneously or switch from one to the other without interruption, without compromising the battery life of your iPhone)

 - To access the multitasking, simply click twice quickly on the Home button.
 - You can drag different applications to switch from one to another quickly by clicking it.
 - As for the removal of an application, if you long press an icon for 2 to 3 seconds, they will put it to tremble and will have a small cross on the top right. If you click on this cross, the application will not be deleted but will stop all just run into latency.

5/ Triple click the Home button:

 When you click three times quickly on Home button, accessibility options appears: Voiceover (a voice tells you which button to press for the blind), Zoom (use two fingers to move for the zoom) and Black on white (for a negative effect). You can change it by going to: Settings > General Accessibility > Triple click the home button. Choose his new role as needed.

6/ Block access to certain applications or purchases:

 - To manage and prevent access to certain application such as Safari, YouTube, iTunes (to avoid accidental purchases by your children)... Click on: Settings > General > Restrictions.
 - Enter your PIN or create and assign restrictions necessary to the intended applications. You can also restrict access to certain movie or series on iTunes through a different filter and limit purchases and access to applications.

7/ Reinstall purchased application that you deleted from your iPhone / iPad :

 You can reinstall an application that you have already purchased:
 - From iTunes that keep your applications in memory
 - Or go back to App Store from your iPhone, search for your application and click on its price and tap Buy App. A message will appear stating that you have already paid for this application.

8/ Make a screenshot of your iPhone / iPad :

 Click the Home button and the On / Off button (power) simultaneously. Your iPhone will react as a camera by performing a snapshot of the screen. To find this photo, click the Photos icon, it's already in your album!

9/ Small gesture for saving when the battery is low:

 - Disable "Push" notifications
 - Disable the iPod equalizer
 - Disable Geolocation
 - Adjust the screen brightness to a minimum
 - Mute

10/ Perform a soft reset: (You'll not loose your mp3, phots, videos, ...)

 - Press simultaneously the On / Off and the Home buttons a few seconds.
 - The Apple logo will appear in the center, a white apple on a black background during 30 - 40sec before a return to the norm. Do not worry during this, your iPhone will try to test and correct its internal bugs!

11/ Quick Adjust of the sound:

 - Double-click the Home button quickly to start the multitasking menu.
 - Slide your finger twice from left to right in the multitasking menu. You will see appearing the volume slider. Adjust it according to the quality of what you hear.

12/ Use Voice Control:

 - The voice control is very handy when you can not use your hands. You will command your iPhone with your voice. To start the voice control, press 3 seconds on the Home button.
 - A double beep indicates that the voice control is ready. You can talk and give indications.
 - Say for eg "Next Track" or "Previous Track" to change music.

 Enjoy using your iOs device faster!

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